Dash Open 15: The Virtues and Pitfalls of Contributor License Agreements
By Ashley Wolf, Open Source Program Manager, Verizon Media In this episode, Gil Yehuda, Sr. Director of Open Source, interviews Michael Martin, Associate General Counsel and Head of Patents at Verizon Media. Mike shares why Contributor License Agreements (also known as CLAs) came to be and some of the reasons they don’t work as well as we’d hope. Fundamentally, we need to foster trust among people who don’t know each other and have no reason to trust each other. Without it, we’re not going to be able to build these incredibly complex things that require us to work together. Do CLAs do that? Listen and find out. Audio and transcript available here. You can listen to this episode of Dash Open on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify. P.S. If you enjoyed this podcast then you might be interested in this Open Source Developer Lead position.