Omid Graduates from the Apache Incubator Program!
Ohad Shacham, Sr. Research Scientist Yonatan Gottesman, Sr. Research Engineer Edward Bortnikov, Sr. Director, Research Scalable Systems, Yahoo Research Haifa, Verizon Media We have awesome news to share with you about Apache Omid, a scalable transaction processing platform for Apache HBase developed and open sourced by Yahoo. Omid has just graduated from the Apache Incubator program and is now part of Apache Phoenix. Phoenix is a real-time SQL database for OLTP and real-time analytics over HBase. It is widely employed by the industry, powering products in Alibaba, Bloomberg, Salesforce, and many others. Omid means ‘hope’ in Farsi, and as we hoped, it has proven to be a successful project. In 2011, a team of scientists at Yahoo Research incepted Omid in anticipation of the need for low-latency OLTP applications within the Hadoop ecosystem. It has been powering real-time content indexing for Yahoo Search since 2015. In the same year, Omid entered the Apache Incubator program, taking the path towards wider adoption, community development, and code maturity. A year ago, Omid hit another major milestone when the Apache Phoenix project community selected it as the default provider of ACID transaction technology. We worked hard to make Omid’s recent major release match Phoenix’s requirements - flexibility, high speed, and SQL extensions. Our work started when Phoenix was already using the Tephra technology to power its transaction backend. In order to provide backward compatibility, we contributed a brand new transaction adaptation layer (TAL) to Phoenix, which enables a configurable choice for the transaction technology provider. Our team performed extensive benchmarks, demonstrating Omid’s excellent scalability and reliability, which led to its adoption as the default transaction processor for Phoenix. With Omid’s support, Phoenix now features consistent secondary indexes and extended query semantics. The Phoenix-Omid integration is now generally available (release 4.15). Notwithstanding this integration, Omid can still be used as a standalone service by NoSQL HBase applications. In parallel with Phoenix adoption, Omid’s code and documentation continuously improved to meet the Apache project standards. Recently, the Apache community suggested that Omid (as well as Tephra) becomes an integral part of Phoenix going forward. The community vote ratified this decision. Omid’s adoption by the top-level Apache project is a huge success. We could not imagine a better graduation for Omid, since it will now enjoy a larger developer community and will be used in even more real-world applications. As we celebrate Omid’s Apache graduation, it’s even more exciting to see new products using it to run their data platforms at scale. Omid could not have been successful without its wonderful developer community at Yahoo and beyond. Thank you Maysam Yabandeh, Flavio Junqueira, Ben Reed, Ivan Kelly, Francisco Perez-Sorrosal, Matthieu Morel, Sameer Paranjpye, Igor Katkov, James Taylor, and Lars Hofhansl for your numerous contributions. Thank you also to the Apache community for your commitment to open source and for letting us bring our technology to benefit the community at large. We invite future contributors to explore Omid’s new home repository at