Documentation for Panoptes - Open Source Global Scale Network Telemetry Ecosystem
By James Diss, Software Systems Engineer, Verizon Media Documentation is important to the success of any project. Panoptes, which we open-sourced in October 2018, is no exception, due to its distribution of concerns and plugin architecture. Because of this, there are inherent complexities in implementing and personalizing the framework for individual users. While the code provides clarity, it’s the documentation that supplies the map for exploration. In recognition of this, we’ve split out the documentation for the Panoptes project, and will update it separately from now on. Expanding the documentation contained within the project and separating out the documentation from the actual framework code gives us a little more flexibility in expanding and contextualizing the documentation, but also gets it away from the code that would be deployed to production hosts. We’re also using an internal template and the project to produce a website that will be updated at the same time as the project documentation at Panoptes Resources Panoptes Documentation Repo Panoptes in Docker Image Panoptes in Docker GitHub Repo Panoptes GitHub Repo Questions, Suggestions, & Contributions Your feedback and contributions are appreciated! Explore Panoptes, use and help contribute to the project, and chat with us on Slack.