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You guys! There are only 48 hours left to get my entire Prenatal series on @codyapp for $25! The knowledge you get in the lectures of this course not to mention the asana classes are invaluable and right now you can get the series for the price of a drop-in yoga class. When I found out I was pregnant, I did a lot of research to supplement the knowledge I already had about pregnancy and found that there were a lot of rules, but not clear explanations of WHY. So I dug deeper to find the reasons behind many of the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Do Not’s.’ I injected that knowledge and insight into this plan so that other expectant moms can know the why’s behind their options and can decide for themselves what works best for their pregnancy – and after!Follow the link in my bio for more information on the series! codyapp.com/prenatalyoga.