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Ugh to all the question marks in this post! 🙄 Isn’t it always the hardest to get out the door and go somewhere you love to recharge? It ends up happening at the most inconvenient, busiest time of year, am I️ right? But those are the times we need it the absolute most. Our journey to the cabin was tense and frustrating and I️ was so overwhelmed with all I️ had to do. But I’ve never had a weekend like this one. Life giving words were spoken to one another, business ideas and advice was passed around freely, and oh my word I️ haven’t laughed that hard, that much in a long long time. This past weekend was the reminder I️ needed to MAKE TIME for the good stuff in life. Make time for hiking and French toast and friendships and catch phrase and bonfires and hot tubs and hanging around a fire in your pjs all day. It’s always, always worth it. Love these people. #grandviewvacay