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Tim's parents live an hour away from Scranton, so obviously even though The Office was filmed more in L.A., we had to go check it out! We went to: Steamtown Mall, which is in the episode where Michael tries to show his appreciation for all the women in the office by taking them to Victoria's Secret and letting them pick out lingerie lol (the mall houses the city's sign from the show); Lake Scranton, where the Beach games take place as well as Michael driving into it when he didn't understand his GPS; and also "Alfredo's Pizza Cafe", which is when Michael orders from Pizza by Alfredo by accident, then kidnaps the delivery guy because he wouldn't accept his coupons lol! I'll be honest, Scranton doesn't really have much for fans of The Office; however, it was still fun checking the town out :) #theoffice #scranton #pennsylvania #travel #dundermifflin #alfredospizza #steamtownmall