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The last few days have felt like an uphill battle both physically and emotionally. I can't find my form on the trails and I'm a bit more irritable and down than usual. I hate feeling like this but it happens. For me, I need to be honest about this to those around me and that includes my followers here. To always be "on" and posting "inspirational" stuff is not sustainable or even true to real life. The tendency to post the polished version of myself needs to be countered with the warts-and-all. Otherwise I'm a fraud. •I'm grateful to have many people who love me with my depressions and mood swings. Going through difficult times is never fun but it shows you just how beautiful marriage, friendship, and community really is. Instead of curating an unattainable online image, I choose to embrace the messiness, the flawed, and the ordinary. In a world dominated by being the best, I want be vulnerable and let the raw, unfiltered world hit me with all it has ✌🏼 •#embracethespace #zerolimits #trailrunning