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Marsalis -Today my heart aches. Strangely, I heard a snippet of MJ's Billie Jean while I was out last night & I smiled because I felt you there. I love you. I miss you. Happy birthday to my favorite happy soul. Stay with me always.The second picture is us on old people day during senior week in high school. He was highly invested in having a very convincing costume & stayed in the character of this grumpy, rickety old man for most of the day. The third picture is from the time that he found a video of Christina Aguilera & Brian McKnight singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas together.. he NEVER sang, not at school at least, I was always the singer between the two of us. But he told me he would sing it with me just to hear me sing her part. The fourth one is actually embarrassing, I had this weird episode of syncope at movies 278 one day & he heard about it.. that's what he had to say. 😂 for each of these sweet instances, there are 10 more just like them. These words & pictures are important bc they convey the essence of who he was - the very best friend anyone could hope for, every bit as fun & loving as he was selfless. He's shaped who I am & how I treat others. I'll never know a better person. Happy 23rd, Marsalis. Here's to you my love xoxo