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I have something I must confess.Like many others, I have in the past blamed others for situations I have gone through that are negative. Blaming others for where I am in life, for what keeps me from success, and also from getting anything done. In the end, it always comes down to me and my decisions on how I spend my time and energy. I can either do it in a positive way that uplifts others, or be a negative nancy by letting other peoples’ negative attitudes affect me and what I can achieve while also bringing others down to my level or lower. That final decision always comes down to me, as it always comes down to you as well. It is how people will remember either of us. I want to be remembered for showing how an autistic can be an entrepreneur just as easily and travel the world to view and meet others despite the stereotype and become a positive influence. What would you like to be remembered for?☯️💚