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I’ve stopped shopping for clothes and replaced it with plants. Slowly turning into a #crazyplantlady and I’m loving it.—This little baby is Maranta leuconeura or prayer plant. 🎍 It’s a great little house plant that needs bright or indirect sun, but it’s generally tolerant of lower light areas. They don’t like being dry, so make sure the soil is evenly moist, but you’ll want to make sure the soil drains well too. 🍃 The leaves of this plant curl up during the evening and curl down in the morning which is really fun to watch, but if it’s curling up during the day it might be unhappy about the amount of light or the pot it’s in. Since they are native to Brazil, daily misting is required to provide humidity. All the information I learned while stumbling into @shopanneise yesterday from @peacockandcompany. Sadly, I’m not taking any of those pots or plants I shared in my story home on the plane tonight. #awayjogoes🌱🍃To all my other #houseplant lovers in the #SF Area can you recommend your favorite nurseries and plant shops? I’m trying to grow a jungle in #highwoodhaus this way @longanisaburps can feel like he’s in the Philippines. 🤣