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Hi everyone! It’s Derek speaking on behalf of my wife Litsa . As a lot of you don’t know about Litsa as she kept it to herself- she was born with an irregular heartbeat (heart murmur) which flares up once in a while- today was a bad day . Heart rate was as high as 210 (resting heart rate)which needed immediate medical attention!!! She wanted everyone to know that she will be fine but she also wants everyone to know that if it wasn’t for being healthy and fit this could have resulted in cardiac arrest!!! So please please take care of your health!!! It is not a joke !!!!PS .... to all who join in her classes...... she will be there tomorrow KICKIN BUTT as usual. Sorry to all who came to join in for class today but had to miss it.Thank you for all your concerns #lifelife #stayhealthy #workout #bootcamp #training #fitness