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Happy 8 months my beautiful boy.I have come to realize that you have fundamentally changed me. Motherhood has fundamentally changed me. Last week I attended a business event and my heart ached at leaving you for the day. Tears come easier now than they ever have before and I feel all of my emotions more strongly. Loving you connects me to the depths of my heart. I can no longer not feel because of you, and that is a gift. When you have a rough night of sleep, I wake up exhausted even though it's your daddy who watches you at night while I sleep in another room. We are so energetically connected. I feel you even when I'm not with you. I knew I was an empath before but now I can no longer deny just how deeply I feel others. You give me a glaring look any time I happen to be on my phone when I'm near you, demanding my presence. And, I immediately realize in that moment that the world that's in my phone is not more important than the world in front of me. You draw me back to presence again and again. You bring me closer and closer to the truth of who I am every day just by your presence. You are the greatest gift. #momlife #newmom #8months #angelbaby