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HOW TO GROW CEDAR TREES https://vmegre.com/en/events/38824/Foresters of our country (especially V. V. Assanov), denied the popular opinion that it is extremely difficult to raise cedar and that it grows slowly. In natural conditions, in the taiga, cedar begins to bear fruit after 40-50 years. In cultivated plantings, with feeding, care, some forms of cedar give up to half a meter increase in height in a year, begin to bear fruit 15-20 years after planting and bear fruit in 2-3 years, or even annually.Seeds and cedar nuts are needed in order to grow a Siberian cedar. Of course proven benign seeds are preferable. But if you have to plant the nuts bought in shop, it is necessary to accept in advance that their germination can be low. The best time for cedar planting is the end of April — early May. It is necessary to carry out treatment of nuts 90 days before planting. If you plant unprepared seeds, they sprout (unless of course they will survive) only next spring. You can sow seeds in the fall, without preparation. It is necessary to choose the time before the frost, so rodents do not have time to destroy them. Crops must be covered with leaves, so they do not freeze.Continued - https://vmegre.com/en/events/38824/