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Continuing our series showcasing the faces behind the team, today it’s Chris ‘Milky’ Stafford, No. 2 Mechanic. “This is my fifth season with Williams. I started off in 2013 as a bodywork technician in composites and then moved on to be a number 2 mechanic, first on Valtteri’s car and then onto Felipe’s this year. You have to be fully committed to do this kind of job as being away from family is one of the hardest things of the job. You have to just get on with it and talk to home as much as possible, but you have to be passionate about the work to be able to be away as much as we are over the course of a season. But I absolutely love my job.” And speaking of that lovely family, he is out here at the Abu Dhabi test with us and so can’t be home for his son Ethan’s second birthday... so we are sending lots of birthday hugs from us & promise we will send him home as soon as we can! 😘 #williamslife #wearewilliams #f1 #weareracing #paddocklife 📸 @glenn_dunbar