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Bella bit me the day I came to pick her up from ARNO two summers ago. The volunteers had left me with her by myself to make the owner/pet bargain with just a palm of deli meat. She didn't trust me because she was a street dog from the Westbank. She was a ferocious beast, and she made it clear to our dog sitter while we vacationed in Park City, Utah.In the home, she loved laying at our feet at desks and tables. We had to be careful not to let our chairs roll onto her fur or tail she laid so close. She also loved the corner of the hallway by my door. It was where she went for rain and thunder, until she found the tiny crawl space behind the toilet.Bella loved car rides. It didn't matter where we went or which car we took. If the door opened she'd jump in. "Early to bed" was definitely Bella's motto. If it was dark outside she was done asking to be pet and was either in her crate or gone to the hallway or room to sleep. She'd have dreams of chasing down and barking at mailmen.We loved Bella very much and although we only spent a year and some months together, she made our house a home.