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A little throwback from July when we went to the Greensboro Science Center Aquarium Museum Zoo. 8 months pregnant with baby boy and Faith learning about the different animals. I must say I can’t wait to take Graysiin and Faith together so they can learn together. These three complete my life and I’m glad I get the chance to experience this life. Faith isn’t my daughter but I love her as she is, she knows that I’m not her mommy and she only has one. I must say I respect that also because I would never want anyone to try and say Graysiin is theirs. I must say these two kids have my heart like no other. Devon has given me the best gift ever and has shown me that no matter what happens we can get through it. I’m very happy with my life and they things are finally going, we only have a few that are standing by us during this. I’m glad to say one of the few that are standing by us is my mom, as hard as it made her mad about the whole thing she still is my best friend. I’m definitely blessed to have them in my life. #blessed #family #happy #pregnant #greensborosciencecenter #learningnewthings #usagainsttheworld @dtalley2228