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* Sleep on it šŸ˜˜ ... #Repost @marybehindthechair惻惻惻There is one weekend each year that changes people. From the moment you arrive, you know that something is different. You can feel it. Everyone can feel it. Each year for the past 6 years, a rainbow has shown up every Monday morning at our BTC SHOW- right before we gather for a morning hour of inspiration. This rainbow was a signal to me 15 years ago to keep going when I was about to go out of business. It has followed me- followed all of us- to know that we are in the right place at the right time. While the rainbow was overhead 2 year's ago on Monday morning, pointing down on the convention center we were in, an attendee startled us and came running up to the stage to exclaim she was taking back her life and her salon ... and she was going to dream again. Take time to listen to your dreams... Take time to reconnect to yourself and to others who are feeling what you feel inside. Are you worth it? YES YOU ARE. I hope to meet you! - XO Mary ... Behindthechair.com/theshow #thebtcshow #sweetdreamsBTC #btcbelieves #behindthechair