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'DOLMUŞ RIDE'here in #Turkey the so called 'DOLMUŞ', a small bus bucketing along a certain route displayed by a sign behind the windscreen is the cheapest way to get from here to there right after sitting on a donkey's back with a stick and a carrot attached to it waving infront of the donkey's face. 'Dolmuş' is the turkish word for 'alledgedly full'. think about it when you get the chance to ride one of these mostly insanely overloaded busses. it's never full. never. hopping on where the route starts may offer a splendid view from where you sit. however, sometimes i prefer the donkey which takes me from here to there way slower than a 'Dolmuş' but much more comfortable. as long as you have a carrot in your pocket - otherwise you'll have a big problem... / #WHPheretothere #dolmuş #randompeopleatrandomplaces