Brains and Grains – Innovation and Opportunity | The Business Debate
Ukraine currently finds itself in a pivotal position as it continues to experience historic transformation since undergoing its Revolution of Dignity in 2014. Over the last four years the country has faced compelling challenges as it fought a war on its eastern border with Russia, achieved macro-economic stability, overhauled archaic systems left over from the soviet era, and preserved social cohesion to build consensus around the need for deeper structural reforms. Against this background, the Ukrainian government a year ago launched 'UkraineInvest' – its investment promotion office, with a mandate to facilitate the attraction of investment into Ukraine. Our strategy began with catering to established investors already in the country, as we knew that to attract new investors we had to first assist existing investors to resolve their current issues with state authorities. Positive results would encourage them to consider further investment thereby expanding the network of success