ConsenSys Is Building Blockchain for Business on Ethereum | The Business Debate
While headlines on blockchain tech are often focused on the volatile price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, behind the scenes in the blockchain world, attention is turning to what networks like Ethereum can do for business and governments looking to streamline operations with the distributed ledgers, decentralized computing, and digital currencies that blockchain enables. In this regard, the leading light in the still-nascent industry is Brooklyn-based ConsenSys. Founder Joe Lubin–also a Co-Founder of Ethereum–is the ringleader of a 500-strong formation of far-flung entrepreneurs and technologists building apps and solutions that take on big challenges like supply chain, governance, and banking. ConsenSys already counts on the Emirate of Dubai, Microsoft, and the World Wildlife Foundation as partners, and its Enterprise Ethereum Alliance represents a worldwide formation of enterprise giants like Intel, JP Morgan, and BBVA, who have all committed to applying solutions