What’s it Really Like to Live in the Costa Rican Jungle?
When we see beautiful photos and dreamy stories on travel and lifestyle blogs, it’s easy to create fantasies about the life of the blogger. Perhaps seeing someone live in a way that we’ve always dreamed of gives us the confidence to pursue it ourselves. On the other side of the coin, perhaps we judge our reality against the fantasy that we’ve imagined and feel inadequate by comparison. There’s a fine line between being inspired by blogs and feeling inferior. This is exactly why I speak to you as authentically as I possibly can. I share my challenges, my heartbreaks, my frustrations, so you see that I am working through this human experience just like everyone else. And it’s also important for me to share my joy and bliss, because I truly and authentically can say that even my worst days are better than I ever imagined my best could be back when I lived in North America. My life is always in flux since I travel constantly, but I spend about half of the year resting in nature and connecting with my community in this jungle beach town that my heart calls home. I’ve written a lot about life on the road, but today I want to talk about the other part of my life. With the hopes of cutting through illusions, and inspiring you all to live with immense joy and purpose, today I’m sharing a candid glimpse into my life here in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. A small note: I wish I had more authentic photos to share with you. The truth is, when I’m here just living my life, I’m not taking many photos. It’s a time for me to enjoy a break from documenting and just feel my surroundings... Read More
Camille Willemain