Mellowy Blues & a Floral Tapestry Bag - K is for Kani
Singlet: Cotton on Floral shirt: DottiBlue stripey shirt: Dad’s old oneNecklaces: DivaHeadband: DivaFloral tapestry bag: VintageSkirt: Target Kids section!Tights: Columbine Burgundy Boots: Vintage This bag I bought once upon a time at Camberwell market. It was missing it’s strap but I bought it anyway as it was too good to miss out on! Anyways, back at the time I thought.. yeah I’ll just put my tan bag strap on it, it will suffice. Went home, tried and looked crap. Kept bag at the bottom of my wardrobe. Then some months later I was at the markets again. SURPRISE SURPRISE did I see another vintage bag exactly the same as this one!?! YES I did indeed! Asked the seller if I could buy the strap.. YES she said. I can have it for $1!!! Anyways.. now I wonder if someone else bought the other tapestry bag on that day and is now on a hunt for a strap for their bag because I took it.. PS. Tell me I am not the only one who eats grainwave sandwiches..! :) 0