Grey Silk Bow Headband & An Embroidered Tie-Neck Blouse - K is for Kani
Headband: Handmade @ KANIPink silk blouse: VintageBlack Blazer: ValleygirlSkirt: JayjaysBag: VintageTights: ColumbineShoes: Candy I absolutely LOVE the neck detail on this pink shirt, I am obviously a big sucker for neck details/collars etc and stuff! And when I bought this bag, it stank of gross fumes of smelly stuff. I soaked it in water/aired it/hung it in the sun/sprayed perfume on it and it still stinks!! Did a google search last week and apparently if you put old smelly things in a bag of newspaper or kitty litter for a few days.. it absorbs it all away! Must try it sometime..! Oh and I made my headband with a brooch I bought :) PS Thankyou everyone for the hypes/comments on lookbook.. I made it onto the front page on Sunday BLEW ME AWAY LOL 0