Floral Denim Shorts & Mum'S Old Embroidered Shirt - K is for Kani
Embroidered shirt: VintageFloral cardigan: VintageBow: ChinaFloral denim shorts: Forever 21Tights: No ideaBracelets: Diva & ChinaGrey trilby: China My mum gave me this shirt a few months ago, it’s from just another one of her many stashes of clothes from when she was young! Actually, she’s never worn most of these before and at first I thought it looked a bit weird. Actually it still looks weird because it is the most hideous cut but that’s okay cause you can’t tell when you wear it inside something! Man, there is a humungous mosquito in my room right now so I have barricaded myself inside a huge hoodie I am wearing, tucked my legs inside and everything.. so freaking out because I saw it’s stinging thing (stinger?!) and oh my lord… Anyways sudden surge of blog posts obviously means.. I’ve finished my assignment yay!! Goodnight all! PS. Sorry about the indoor flash photos! 0