Weird living with laughs – A Charlie Sanders interview
The future is now, and it's a little "weird". One might be expected to be think that with a title like Weird City. Having been illustrated by a series of colourful and humourous teasers, what is this show about? "Weird City is a science-fiction comedy anthology set in a dystopian yet optimistic future world." That is a one-sentence summary from its co-creator and writer, Charlie Sanders. Having the opportunity to speak with him, Sanders gave me some insight into the thinking behind the new YouTube Original series. Gearing up for a February 13 release, he noted that production had been a smooth process and that preliminary responses to the show have been very positive. "I thought there would be some disasters but there weren't," he states. "Seems like everybody who sees sample episodes really like it." Told in six half-hour episodes, Weird City follows the antics of the citizens of Weird, a metropolis split right down a literal