Kevin hart to play the lead in Hasbro's Monopoly movie
Like many board game enthusiasts, I actually have quite a strong dislike for Hasbro 's(formerly Parker Brothers) Monopoly. I might be one of the most popular board games of all time with over 250 million versions reportedly sold in its lifetime, but I find the game a little too boring and one where winners can be determined far too early, only for the game to play out into inevitability. Despite my objections to the game though it still remains massively popular to this day, with many versions of the game, including Marvel and Game of Thrones editions being made and continuing to sell well. Which is perhaps why Hasbro and Lionsgate believe that a movie based on the board game could still be a thing. There have been plans since 2008 to possibly look at capitalising on the popularity of the board game and turn it into a movie. However, considering it doesn't have any narrative, it's understandable that many wondered exactly how the concept can actually be turned into a decent enough