Style Icon: Frank Sinatra | THE MAN HAS STYLE
What an Inspiration, Mr Sinatra Frank Sinatra really left his mark on the world. An actor, singer, producer and director. A man of many talents and a long-lasting icon of style. I don't remember being introduced to the work of Mr Sinatra, he just always seemed to be there from as long as I can remember. I was always impressed, as a young girl, of men wearing their hats, dressed impeccably in a suit and tie. It had such a lasting impression on me that still to this day I remember the feeling of respect when a gentleman would tip his hat as I walked by and greet me with, "Good morning, Miss". There was such a grace in the tailoring, and combined with my love of quality fabrics and detailing, it has remained in my memory as such a wonderful part of my life. Of course, I haven't let that go, still spending every day following the world of the well-dressed gentleman. Each time I see photographs of Frank Sinatra, I am catapulted back to growing up listening to his wonderful music, seeing him