Landlords and tenants to be consulted over Scottish rent restrictions proposal
Landlords and tenants across Scotland will be consulted over plans to impose rent restrictions north of the border. Scottish Labour wants to introduce new legislation linking rents to average wages, with tenants given the power to challenge unfair charges. Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has made no secret of his desire to control rents and limit the power of private landlords in Scotland, despite concerns that it could have an adverse impact on tenants. In his keynote speech to Scottish Labour's spring conference earlier this year, he detailed his vision to reshape the rental sector in Scotland, including the introduction of a new "Mary Barbour law" to protect tenants. The proposed 'Mary Barbour law' is named after the Red Clydeside political activist who played a leading role in the rent strikes of 1915. Now Leonard has reiterated his intention to reform the rental market in Scotland.