Musical adventure stories of composer performer Rae Howell.. Rae Howell is an Australian composer and multi-instrumentalist. Director of Sunwrae, she works across a broad range of genres in collaboration with performing and visual artists, in theatre, film, dance, concert hall, and multimedia productions. Sunwrae is a presenter, producer, a music chamber group, an independent label and sheet music publisher for the musical works of composer Rae Howell. Bee-sharp Honeybee is a brand new music work currently in development. It’s an independent art-science creation project, inspired by, and directly derived from the research of bees (with a focus on bee buzz frequencies/wing-beat speed). Rabbitsss is a musical collaboration between Rae Howell and New York based sonic & visual artist Jon Cohrs.. It began as a fun way to pass time when the two met at The Banff Centre in Canada in 2006, during a Winter Music Residency. Fast forward a few years with rendezvous sessions in New York, Berlin, Gotland (Sweden), Melbourne and plentiful pendulum swings working remotely, they created Rabbitsss, generating a sonic landscape evoking diverse musical traditions.