Quartette - In The Beauty Of The Day (Physical CD)
The 2007 CD release from Quartette. Learn more about Quartette at http://quartette.com. Previews - Rocks and Roses 1. I Don't Want To Cry 2. Me And My Love And I 3. Sentinel Crow 4. In The Beauty Of The Day 5. Ask Me 6. All Things Can Change 7. E.Z. 8. I Don't Believe I Do Believe 9. A Love That Just Won't Stray 10. I Walk These Rails 11. Long Chain Of Love 12. Rain On The Highway CD Shipping RatesCanada - $3.95 plus 2.00 each additional item (standard Canada Post parcel with delivery in 5-7 business days)US - $6.95 plus 4.00 each