Zizek Interview list | Žižek.uk
2018 October 8th, Are liberals and populists just searching for a new master?, Interview with The Economist. 2017 October 1st, The philosopher who invented the word 'idiosyncratic', Interview with Anja Steinbauer. 2017 March 1st, On the rise of Trump, the fall of the Democratic party, and the future of the global left, Interview with Travis Smiley. 2017 January 27th, Philosopher Slavoj Žižek settles the "Is it OK to punch a Nazi?" question once and for all, Interview with Taylor Wofford, Quartz. 2017 January 17th, Slavoj Zizek on Trump and Brexit, Interview with Matthew Amroliwala, BBC. 2017 January 11th, Žižek and the Double Blackmail, Interview with Douglas Lain, Zero Squared. 2016 December 3rd, A 'clash of civilisations', Interview with Mehdi Hasan, Al Jazeera. 2016 December 1st, Slavoj Žižek on Cuba and Yugoslavia. 2016 November 30th, A Marxist for Trump, Interview with Mary H.K. Choi. Vice News. Far-left philosopher Slavoj Žižek explains why he supported Trump over Clinton. 2016