Trello: A Useful Tool for Bloggers - ZamaieWrites
Disclaimer: This blog post is not paid/sponsored by Trello. I’m simply promoting a product that I love. Have you ever heard of Trello? Well, if you haven’t, I’ll tell you all about it! Trello is a collaboration tool that allows you to create an online board full of cards and lists called a Trello board. There are a couple of different features within a Trello board that you can use to customize it in order to fit your needs: labels, Power-Ups, stickers, etc. Best of all – it’s FREE! However, you can unlock even more features and other perks by purchasing a subscription for Trello Gold and/or Business Class. If you invite someone to be a member of a Trello board and they don’t have a Trello account, you’ll receive a free monthly subscription for Trello Gold if the person decides to make one. Your subscription will also be extended based on the number of the users you’ve invited. If you like what you’re hearing, then go ahead and set up an account with Trello today! Trello is also available on Android and iOS for mobile devices if you want to be able to access your boards whenever you’re away from home. Trello Boards Listed below are a few of my personal Trello boards that I created in order to help me stay organized as a blogger. Blogging This board is where I store blog posts and other articles about topics related to blogging that I found online in one place. I’m always adding cards and lists to this because I love finding new content to read about blogging and the lovely community behind it. You can check it out for yourself by clicking here! Who knows – you might even find your own blog posts in there! ZamaieWrites This board is the content calendar for my blog, ZamaieWrites. Every time I have an idea for new blog content, I make a card under the Article Ideas list so I don’t forget about it. Once I’ve started writing that idea into an actual post, the card will be moved to the Writing & Editing list and so on and so forth. I also have lists for my social media, goals & tasks, marketing tools, and any other important info stored in here. P.S. Check out Chelsie’s post from Hey There, Chelsie if you need more information on how to use Trello for blogging: How to Use Trello to Organize your Blog or Business. If it wasn’t for her post, I would have never heard about Trello in the first place! How do you use Trello? What boards have you created with it? Find Me On: Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest