Two Websites To Compare and Contrast ~ Your Last Job Ever
Three Essential Items of Any Online Business There are three essential items that you must have to earn a good living online: 1) You must have a great product that converts your leads to sales 2) You must have a way to allow people to find you and capture their email. This is called a capture page. It is a really good idea in my opinion that you produce a bridge page so people can do busioenss with a person. People need to see you. People do busienss with people they know like and trust. This is true whether your busienss is online or offline, network marketing or traditional brick and mortar business. 3) You need an Autoresponder so that you can drip market messages to your list of people that have joined your email list. The bigger your list the better. you can start to see traction at around 200 but some people online have one list that has 200,000 people in it. Gradually over time you will send two types of messages to your list: 1) Follow-up messages, these are scheduled ahead of time with periods of time between when one message is sent before the last message gets sent. 2) Broadcast messages- these are messages you can send out to your list daily or two times a day. There are also alternative email messaging strategies you will learn about as you grow your business. One of the best tips I can give you about email marketing and what works and what doesn't fall into two categories: 1) What you learn in The $15K Formula Product from Aaron Rashkin 2) and what yoiu learn by subscribing to successful online ,marketers list and pang attention to how they do things. what their copy looks like, how they use pictures, how they do links. It is important that you do not copy and paste your affiliate links into emails with out first clearing your history and/or going into your browsers incognito mode. I recommend that you type out and test to make sure they go to the sales page that is yours each time. That way you are not sellinb for someone else: 1) Always type out your affiliate link 2) Shorten Your Affiliate Link so you can track it 3) Use anchor text that is not misleading to your customers. After your list gets to know, like and trust you, and if they can afford to buy what you are selling, they will Your results will vary. There is no guarantee in any business. To see average earnings updated daily go here: