Restorative Yoga Evening for the Winter Solstice | Yoga Lily
LOOK OUT FOR OUR NEXT RESTORATIVE YOGA SEASON AS ‘SPRING BEGINS’ Restorative Yoga Evening for the Winter Solstice (冬至 dōngzhì) We warmly invite you to join us and take time to let go stress and unwind with a wonderfully relaxing and blissful, 2 hour Restorative Yoga evening on the longest night, influenced by the Chinese Solar Calendar. At the Winter Solstice in China (冬至 dōngzhì), we believe that the bodies Yin energy (prana) is at its lowest point and is a time to slow down the pace of life and to store our energy for the long cold days ahead. Though in these modern hectic times with the coming of the festive season, the winter days and nights may seem more stressful and busier than at any other time of the year. For 90 minutes Lily will take you slowly through a relaxing restorative yoga practice which unwinds deep tensions helping you slowly let go of stress; Then David will guide you through