The buildings are alive in the strange city management sim Buildings Have Feelings Too | | Yoga Beauty Health
City simulators have been around for decades, and while they run the gamut from massive metropolises to tiny hamlets whose inhabitants are able to heap scorn upon your managerial incompetence on a one-on-one basis, they all have the same underlying goal: Keep your people happy. But what about the buildings? Buildings Have Feelings Too promises to reverse the formula by bringing the buildings to life. Ranging from the Victorian Era to the modern day, they walk, they talk to one another, and they have their own hopes, dreams, and fears. Each of them must be encouraged to grow and thrive as they struggle to come to grips with the changing world, or they risk being demolished and lost forever; as the city grows, new industries, specialized neighborhoods, and "architectural marvels" will open up, but so will world events that can cause businesses and buildings to fail. "Players must discover new ways to attend to their city's needs," developer Blackstaff Games explained. "This could