SoftBank and Arm leaders on Saudi Arabia, the Singularity, and a trillion connected devices | | Yoga Beauty Health
SoftBank, one of the world's biggest tech companies and startup investors, believes that we'll have a trillion connected devices by 2025. And these devices, connected in the Internet of Things (where everyday objects have processors or sensors) will generate $11 trillion in value by that time, according to Marcelo Claure, who spoke this week at an event held by SoftBank's Arm chip design company, which has grown from 4,000 people to 6,000 under SoftBank's ownership. Arm held its annual Arm TechCon event this week in San Jose, California. The company talked about its Neoverse, which will provide a "cloud to edge" infrastructure for Arm-based devices. But there was an "elephant in the room" this week, as a cloud is hanging over Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest investors in the SoftBank Vision Fund. Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappeared after a visit to the Saudi consulate in Turkey, and it was later confirmed he was killed in a "fight." Evidence is pointing to Saudi