You Are NOT The Mother: DaBaby Denies Internet Rumors About His Newly-Exposed Bun In The Oven
Source: Jason Koerner / Getty DaBaby Denies Rumors About His Impending Bun In The Oven DaBaby has another baby on the way, and it’s not with his previous baby mama, Meme. Since those two seem to be back in a relationship, this revelation that DaBaby impregnated someone else caused Meme to exposed him on social media, telling fans about the encounter. Once their social media back and forth started to make the rounds, a woman came out of the woodwork claiming that she was the one who was pregnant with the rapper’s “Suge” seed. She posted a photo on her Instagram story of a pregnant belly, writing, “Guess the cat’s out the bag” before tagging both TheShadeRoom and DaBaby.Is this really who DaBaby got pregnant? She went from 3k follows to 13k+ tonight. Lmao at her tagging TSR. What a mess pic.twitter.com/adDRvs2MNa — Jouelzy (@Jouelzy) February 12, 2020A lot of fans were immediately under the impression that this girl was telling the truth, possible because she works as a bottle waitress in North Carolina, where DaBaby is from. But according to the rapper, not only did he not get her pregnant–he’s never met Latoia. He responded to one fan’s tweet about the claims with the cap emoji, writing, “I ain’t never seen shawty a day in my life.”I ain’t never seen shawty a day in my life — DaBaby (@DaBabyDaBaby) February 14, 2020This reply seemingly led to an entire Twitter rant, where DaBaby encourages people on the internet to think about how they might be affecting someone’s feelings. Check out what else he had to say down below:Y’all gotta learn to be more sensitive to ppl feelings on the internet dawg. I’m cool w/ MFs lying on me, it come with the game. But I hate when the lies put me in the position where I gotta potentially hurt somebody else feelings to clear my name. That ain’t playa at all. — DaBaby (@DaBabyDaBaby) February 14, 2020Not even on no motivational speaker type shit. But y’all gotta keep in mind some people really can’t handle allat negative shit that come from the that be put out on the internet. a MF a really give up on life behind a bullshit story made up by someone who wasn’t thinking. — DaBaby (@DaBabyDaBaby) February 14, 2020& I would hate to be apart of somebody mind or spirit being fucked up all because I gotta clear my name to keep my character from being damaged. Y’all MFs cutthroat boy — DaBaby (@DaBabyDaBaby) February 14, 2020Artists, athletes, actors, etc. Get put in positions where they end up having to hurt a innocent person feelings just to protect their career they worked hard and made sacrifices for. At least the media get paid for it, but a lot of y’all a ruin a person life for free — DaBaby (@DaBabyDaBaby) February 14, 2020I ain’t gone type ya head off, Just try to be mindful of who might end up affected by impulse actions. As wild as the media make a nigga look I always try to be mindful. Sometimes it help me, sometimes it hurt me & dats ok. Now y’all go take ya girl on a date or sumn — DaBaby (@DaBabyDaBaby) February 14, 2020