Valentine’s Day Mood: Phony Ppl Release ‘Fkn Around Ft. Megan Thee Stallion [Video]
Source: Jabari Jacobs / Phony Ppl Phony Ppl Release “Fkn Around” Ft. Megan Thee Stallion [Video] After their Tiny Desk concert with Megan Thee Stallion went viral, Phony Ppl have released their new video. The video for “Fkn Around” first premiered on Complex and the group released a statement to the mag celebrating the new visual. “You gotta handle your business or your business gonna handle you! Shooting this video was a beautiful experience in L,A. Shoutout to everyone from production, to the extras, and Megan Thee Stallion for being a part of this. Y’all are all lovely. Enjoy the film.” The track is described as an ode to being young, having fun, and not being tied down, and the video shows Phony Ppl’s lead vocalist Elbee Thrie inside a chaotic body shop, where painting, buffing and hosing down cars turns into a fun and flirty dance party, featuring the other members of Phony Ppl, Elijah Rawk, Matt “Maffyuu” Byas, Aja Grant, and Bari Bass. Source: Jabari Jacobs / Phony Ppl Meg is also featured “Fkn Around” with a side dude. According to Elbee Three that’s literally what the song is about. “We’re all blind to the things that people feel we shouldn’t know!” Elbee explained. “In this case, she’s got a man but she’s fuckin around. Right under her confidant’s nose… in the club. Will she leave the party with the same guy she came with? Or does the night have a huge plot twist in store? Listen and find out!” Watch “Fkn Around” below. ( function() { var func = function() { var iframe_form = document.getElementById('wpcom-iframe-form-450d9243a47c89e0efcf26fe82afd1f9-5e45a78b89d87'); var iframe = document.getElementById('wpcom-iframe-450d9243a47c89e0efcf26fe82afd1f9-5e45a78b89d87'); if ( iframe_form && iframe ) { iframe_form.submit(); iframe.onload = function() { iframe.contentWindow.postMessage( { 'msg_type': 'poll_size', 'frame_id': 'wpcom-iframe-450d9243a47c89e0efcf26fe82afd1f9-5e45a78b89d87' }, window.location.protocol + '//wpcomwidgets.com' ); } }// Autosize iframe var funcSizeResponse = function( e ) { var origin = document.createElement( 'a' ); origin.href = e.origin;// Verify message origin if ( 'wpcomwidgets.com' !== origin.host ) return;// Verify message is in a format we expect if ( 'object' !== typeof e.data || undefined === e.data.msg_type ) return;switch ( e.data.msg_type ) { case 'poll_size:response': var iframe = document.getElementById( e.data._request.frame_id );if ( iframe && '' === iframe.width ) iframe.width = '100%'; if ( iframe && '' === iframe.height ) iframe.height = parseInt( e.data.height );return; default: return; } }if ( 'function' === typeof window.addEventListener ) { window.addEventListener( 'message', funcSizeResponse, false ); } else if ( 'function' === typeof window.attachEvent ) { window.attachEvent( 'onmessage', funcSizeResponse ); } } if (document.readyState === 'complete') { func.apply(); /* compat for infinite scroll */ } else if ( document.addEventListener ) { document.addEventListener( 'readystatechange', function(){ if (document.readyState === 'complete') { func.apply(); } }, false ); } else if ( document.attachEvent ) { document.attachEvent( 'onreadystatechange', func ); } } )();