This Is AmeriKKKa: Wide-Spread Panic Spreads Through Syracuse University Over White Supremacist Manifesto
Source: Icon Sports Wire / Getty Syracuse University Students In Fear After Racist Incidents And Manifesto Students at Syracuse University in upstate New York are fearing for their lives today and white people are to blame. According to NBCNews, there have been a rash of racist and anti-Semitic incidents around campus lately and all of that came to a head after a white supremacist manifesto was uploaded online and sent to numerous students via Apple’s AirDrop. Police say there was no explicit threat, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing to students who feel like violence is around every corner.The professor of my 300-level-course broke down crying in grief during lecture. My black roommate is too terrified to leave our room on her own birthday. This is disgusting. This is unacceptable. This is terror. #NotAgainSU — Katie Knapp (@knapp_kt) November 19, 2019It’s not even 9am and I have 3 more emails from my students telling me they are not coming to class and/or are going home for the semester because they do not feel safe. That’s 10 of ~50, and each has expressed that @SyracuseU refuses to care for them. #NotAgainSU — Willy (@rebelnpeace) November 20, 2019My friends told me to stay inside. The admin told me to go to class. A girl caught me before my second class and asked me to take notes, that she didn’t feel safe enough, and made arrangements to go home for break. I went to class. My friends told me to stay inside. #NotAgainSU — sleepy. time. gal. (@big_dreamer16) November 19, 2019Above are the tweets that students and faculty have been sending with the hashtag #NotAgainSU where they express their fear and how it has affected not only themselves but also their classmates and peers. In one incident earlier this month, students reported seeing the N-word written in the bathroom of a residence hall. In a separate case, a slur against Asian people was written in the bathroom of another building. A student also reported seeing a swastika written in a snowbank near his apartment complex. Campus police in addition to the New York state police and the FBI are investigating the swastika and manifesto. The university also suspended all frat activities this week after a group of soup cookies reportedly yelled racist slurs at Black students. Syracuse really sounds like the beginning of Higher Learning. Somebody needs to make sure that Michael Rapaport is nowhere near that school. Just sayin’.