Life Is Petty: The FutureHive Trolls Russell Wilson After Teary-Eyed Playoff Loss
Future after seeing Russell Wilson losepic.twitter.com/Z38gkRyNqd — Cryptic (@CrypticNoOne) January 13, 2020FutureHive Trolls Russell Wilson After Playoff Loss Another promising year, another disappointing Seahawks loss in the Playoffs that left Russell Wilson teary-eyed and the FutureHive bursting with glee across social media. At this point, you’d think Future‘s loyal minions would let Russy live but they couldn’t wait to troll him after his injury-plagued squad fell short against the Packers in the Divisional Playoff roundFuture drops “Life is Good” , and Russell Wilson and the Seahawks lose a playoff game in the same week pic.twitter.com/2PQNN5EC9Q — EL IDOLO SZN (@Carlos_fssl) January 13, 2020Peep the latest FutureHive trolling of Russell Wilson on the flip.