Justin Bieber Tried Desperately To Bump Roddy Rich From His #1 Spot; Got DESTROYED For His Desperation
Source: Jayne Kamin-Oncea / Getty Justin Bieber Tried Desperately To Bump Roddy Rich From His #1 Spot Remember when Justin Bieber was the biggest star in the world? Well, he’s spent the last few years falling the hell off. Granted, he credits some of that to struggling with chronic lime disease. Whatever the case, Bieber is back and trying to climb the charts with his new teen bop of blandness called “Yummy.” Bieber wants to have the top song in the country but the Roddy Ricch banger “The Box” is stopping him. So Biebs took to Instagram to beg his fans to help him get the number one spot over Ricch. He had details instructions on how to rig the game so he could win out. This just reeks of desperation and someone who is dying to get that spot back.Justin Bieber.. One of the biggest pop-stars in the world is begging for streams so he can beat Roddy Ricch for that #1 spot.. This is crazy pic.twitter.com/phzyXt7Leh — BlackySpeakz (@BlackySpeakz) January 10, 2020Word?Justin Bieber deadass 2 min away from starting an OnlyFans please god just stream Yummy — LIL PHAG (@elijahdaniel) January 12, 2020Twitter has peeped the desperation and dragging the one-time megastar in this sad attempt to be great. SMH.