Joseline Is Finally Back On Reality TV And Destroying This Cast Mate While Twitter Goes Wild
Source: VH1 / Via VH1 Joseline Is Finally Back On Reality TV Love & Hip-Hop: Miami fans were pretty disappointed that we didn’t get enough Joseline last week. Well, we got what we were looking for this week as she made her real triumphant return to the show. After talking about how she’s grown, she was right back to her drama-filled self. She rekindled a feud with one Premadonna that had been going on for four years now. They had been fighting on and off via Instagram and now they are about to explode on the show. Joseline was her vintage self, calling PreMadonna a fridge and reminding us that she sent her a pic last week.Joseline coming into #LHHMIA like pic.twitter.com/s4LyzJkcx0 — Tonio (@unofficialtonio) January 14, 2020We can NOT wait to see where this leads. In the meantime, enjoy the return of the icon and her petty.