Glass House: Wendy Williams Is Getting DRAGGED For THESE Violent Comments About Lori Harvey
Source: Lars Niki / Getty Wendy Williams Is Getting DRAGGED For THESE Violent Comments About Lori Harvey Wendy Williams is always down for some controversy and Wednesday was no different as she decided to delve into the relationship between Lori Harvey and Future. Of course she would, it’s one of the biggest relationship stories going on right now. Everyone is talking about it. However, Wendy is talking about it a bit differently than most people. On Wednesday’s show, pulled up all of Future’s baby momma receipts (with a chart). “He has 8 kids with four different baby moms! If this was my daughter at 23 I would break her neck, crack her skull and throw her down the steps. And, you’re not the boss of your kids when they’re 23-years-old. Lori, what’re you doing? Girl, everyone talks about you … You’re so pretty, you don’t have to be that girl!” Really?!Dude Wendy Williams gotta day it but damn she’s got a problem with slut shamming. The way she talked about Lori Harvey today was borderline dangerous. “I’d throw my daughter down the steps and break her bones” aint somethin I’d say to my daughter no matter how many men she’d been — jaaadiiieirene (@jaaadiiieirene) January 16, 2020Twitter was pretty fed up with those comments and came crashing down on Wendy. She’s used to it, probably but this was one epic dragging. Take a look…Wendy Williams is DISGUSTING for saying that if Lori Harvey was her daughter she would “break her neck, crack her skull, and throw her down the stairs” bc she’s with Future. And everyone on staff/ in the audience who laughed and co-signed is TRASH too. — Blue Ivy Carter Stan Acct. (@KatieMargareta) January 15, 2020Why is Wendy Williams so mad that Lori Harvey is living her life The shade was real — ♛ Re (@REEEwop) January 16, 2020Wendy Williams ugly ET looking ass is just mad that her husband left her for a Lori Harvey step your cookies up before they crumble !!! — Lil East (@GailTaylorLee) January 15, 2020Wendy Williams really out here talking shit on Lori Harvey's choosing future like she wasn't with a man who cheated on her for 20 years. Needs to stfu — Eric Gonzales (@Elliott_Mess) January 15, 2020i cant believe wendy williams had the nerve to say she would break lori neck if she was her daughter. the same wendy williams whose husband was in another womans bed. worry bout his neck toots. — tweets in SHAMbles. (@rebel_sham) January 15, 2020What you need to do is check Wendy Williams cause she made your daughter " Lori out to be Hollywood's slut'. 'Hit and run" and all. I'm sure you're getting the phone calls. — Akbaah K Ali (@AkbaahAli) January 15, 2020Wendy talking about throwing Lori down the stairs if that was her kid…. girl if you don’t— — A (@sodannaa) January 15, 2020Wendy is going IN on Lori Harvey “If she was my daughter I would throw her down the steps and crack her skull” …..Marjorie is going to CUSS WENDY OUT — Bruce Gender (@DaScorpiologist) January 15, 2020