Devil Emoji: Funniest (And MESSIEST) Toxic Future/Lori Harvey Text Memes
“I know I just posted a picture of me, my fiancée and our newborn son in matching pajamas this morning but I still wish it was you Merry Christmas. Tell mama Cheryl she still got the best potato salad in the game. Love y’all forever .” pic.twitter.com/m0HlML7dt3 — Ari LaBeija (@TheBaddestMitch) December 25, 2019Toxic Future/Lori Harvey Memes And just like that we have ANOTHER classic meme wave–this time, starring Future & Lori Harvey sending toxic holiday texts that are both hilarious and messy at a sketchy time in society where we laugh at our failed relationship pain and trauma.*months later* thought I replied to this lol merry christmas pic.twitter.com/2eetdPaLQk — (@geezlais) December 25, 2019Peep the absolute funniest (and MESSIEST) toxic Future/Lori Harvey text memes on the flip.