Faction Vacuum Skins 110mm | XMKD.com
Revolutionary glueless technology ensures that your touring experience is hassle free. The glueless technology means you can easily separate the skins without needing a protective interface. They pack down smaller and are lighter overall for faster transitions. And if your cat climbs all over them when you hang them out to dry you can just rub off the hair rather than sit there with tweezers for hours. Mohair mix; 70% mohair, 30% nylon ensures excellent gliding, yet additional grip when you need it the most. The nylon is also less prone to water logging. 110mm wide, designed for skis with a tip width of up to 130mm. Trim the width to fit your skis perfectly, adjustable length within each size. Small: 167cm - 173cm skis Medium: 174cm - 180cm skis Large: 181cm - 188cm skis Extra Large: 188cm - 194cm skis Note, vacuum technology works best if the bases of the skis are dry. The carrying bag that comes with the skins is partly made from cloth to help remove the moisture from your skis and skins.