X-Tools Home Mechanic Wheel Truing Stand | XMKD.com
The X-Tools Home Mechanic Wheel Truing Stand has been specifically designed for the home mechanic or private racer in need of a dependable, precision, compact and portable truing stand, all at a bargain price! The key to our portable stand is the foldable design which allows for compact storage/ transportation, quick and easy set up and accurate truing thanks to the wide stable base and adjustable precision truing caliper. It is easy to adapt for front or rear wheels thanks to our flip-able dropouts and it accepts any wheel size from 16” to 29” with or without the tyre fitted. (Please note that this design can only take up to 135mm hub widths.) The precision truing caliper allows for accurate wheel truing from side to side to remove buckles, ensure the wheel is dished correctly and it can simultaneously check for up and down movement to ensure the roundness of the wheel.