Magenta Skateboards WWC ZIPPER Black | XMKD.com
Magenta is skateboarder owned and run company. Soy Panday, Jean Feil (who’s a skateboard photographer and filmer) and Vivien Feil started the company a few years back. Magenta is the name of the neighbourhood in Paris where they all met; Soy and Vivien shared an apartment for a long time. Magenta started because we weren’t really satisfied with what was available out there. So at some point they got tired of spray-painting their boards or swapping them for the right wood (namely Generator wood, which Magenta exclusively use now) and seeing the kind of skateboarding that we’re excited about. Magenta is not trying to please everyone, there not trying to flood the market, there not trying to appeal to kids or to fit any “standards” as they believe everyone else in skateboarding is already busy doing just that.