What is the Cost to the Taxpayers When an Insurance Claim is Denied or Mishandled
So many counties and other municipalities around the state have property damage that they may or may not know about. Some who know they have damage may have already been denied by their insurance or risk pool company or possibly have been told by an adjuster that they don't have any damage, when in fact they do. These taxpayer entities eventually end up in a situation where it may become necessary to pursue an increase in the tax rate to cover the repairs to the properties, including roofs, HVAC units, and other cosmetic damages that could possibly have been wrongfully denied by the insurance or risk pool company or bypassed by an adjuster. Some may have even received payment on some buildings while other structures were denied. These expenses must then somehow be passed on to the taxpayers. The taxpayers' dollars already contribute to the portion of the budget paying premiums and now those same taxpayers are expected to contribute more to pay for damages that should have been covered