VCA: PCB for THAT2180-based VCA (5HP)
This item is a PCB only - it is up to you to fabricate an appropriate panel and source components for the build.I've done more than my fair share of lo-fi VCAs in the past, so here's one with a bit more in the way of 'fi'.Unlike some others, this module is built around the THAT2180 Blackmer cell IC - I find it easier to use, and less prone to self-destruction, than the V2164.This is a 100% through-hole build. There are a pair of signal inputs (unattenuated) and a pair of control-voltage inputs with associated attenuators. Prototype versions of this module had one attenuated and one unattenuated CV channel, but since the 2180 is pretty sensitive where control voltages are concerned I decided to add an attenuator to the second CV channel too - even so, it's possible to get some _very_ cool sounding distortion out of it with the levels turned up.There are several different variations of the THAT2180 offering differing levels of THD (total harmonic distortion) - for most practical purposes, the THAT2180-C will do the job, and is a lot cheaper than the A or B variants.I recommend using Alpha pots in order to give the front panel a bit of additional support.BOM and panel files can be found here: https://bitbucket.org/yorkmodular/that2180-vca/src/master/