OPTOTHING3-ALPHA: optocoupler VCA/filter/sound-mangler for Eurorack synthesisers (4HP)
HEAR IT HERE: http://yomo.interzen.co.uk/samples/optothing-sawtooth.mp3BE AWARE! This is a deliberately lo-fi module - if you want crystal clear sound reproduction, fidelity or whatever then you won't find it here. The module relies on the properties of a photo-transistor to generally dirty up any signal coming passing through it; think of it as kind-of like a low-pass gate with built in distortion and a few other properties too.--Same deal, but with Alpha pots for added niceness ...In the beginning there was the OptoThing - it was an interesting piece of kit in that it sometimes behaved a bit like a VCA, or maybe a filter, or maybe somewhere in between. It was a classic example (I think) of how something with a relatively low parts count could do weird and wacky things to your sound.Things have moved on a bit since then - the OptoThing hasn't been available for a while and I figured that it was about time for a revamp, so here it is. Not a lot has changed, really, except that the new version of the module packs two optocoupler gates into a 4HP module - double your opto, double your thing. Operation is the same - give it a CV, and input and an output and twiddle the pot until you get a response that you like. The two CV inputs are normalled together, so any CV presented to the top half of the module will also appear in the bottom half _unless_ there's something plugged into the lower CV jack.Use it as a 'ghetto' VCA with an envelope-type waveform or use swept voltages to create bizarre, filter-like effects. Whilst the opportunities aren't quite endless, there are still quite a few of 'em.Panels are made from laser-cut and engraved, 3mm, opaque black perspex - also provided are suitable mounting screws (M3x10). There's no power cable as this is a fully passive moduleIf you'd prefer to fab your own panels, you can get the design files here: https://bitbucket.org/yorkmodular/eurorack-panels/src/master/OptoThing3-panel/